Using flip books in spanish class flip book photo with organize notes with flip books

Make Spanish Notetaking More Engaging with Flip Books

Are you looking for a fresh alternative to traditional notetaking? Flip books are an engaging way to organize information. I love to use them to organize grammar topics or to summarize information about a cultural topic. What are flipbooks? Flip books usually take ordinary pieces of paper and cut, fold,

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holidays in spanish class

Incorporating Holidays in Spanish Class

I often hear from other Spanish teachers that it is difficult to fit holidays into their curriculum because of time constraints. They may be able to fit in a few Hispanic holidays over the course of the year as part of their Spanish class curriculum, but they definitely don’t have

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self grading activities for Spanish class

Using Self-Grading Grammar Passport Puzzles in Spanish Class

I recently wrote about the benefits of using self-checking Google Sheets in Spanish class. Self-grading Google Sheets are a powerful tool for educators, allowing students to practice skills and receive immediate feedback. I put together all of the best parts of using Google Sheets to create a collection of puzzles

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computer with using google sheets mystery puzzles in Spanish Class

Using Google Sheets Activities in Spanish Class

As a Spanish teacher, it’s always nice to find ways to save time grading while making learning fun and interactive for your students. Self-grading Google Sheets mystery puzzles in Spanish class can be helpful formative assessments for your students because they provide immediate feedback. Mystery puzzles are fun to solve

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5 Ideas for Día de los Muertos

When I wrote about Hispanic Heritage Month, I said that it can be overwhelming because it lasts an entire month.  Well Día de los Muertos can also be overwhelming because it’s only two days and there are so many ideas!  I’m going to try to help you narrow down the options

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Teaching about La Tomatina in Spanish Class

La Tomatina is held on on the last Wednesday of August in Buñol, Spain.  The origin of the largest food fight in the world is unclear.  The theories of how it began in 1945 include a food fight among friends that escalated, an angry man who fell off of a

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Tech Tip Tuesday: An Easy Fix for PDF Issues

I get questions and emails about issues with pdfs not functioning correctly and almost always, the fix is simple! Whether it’s not letting you type in an editable box, it’s printing squares around images, or it’s not opening or printing like it should, this fix usually solves the problem! When

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Adding Culture and Routine to Your Spanish Class

Are you looking for ways to add culture to your Spanish class?  Are you passionate about Hispanic culture and want to share that passion with your students? Do you value the importance of teaching culture but are unsure of how to “fit” it into your already-packed curriculum? Do you need

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Using Memes for Verb Tenses

I’ve talked before about my love for all things memes!  I have a ton of them saved on my Jajaja and Teacher Memes boards on Pinterest.  I decided to organize them by verb tenses and themes so that I can easily find the memes I need for specific verb tenses.

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