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Are you looking for a fresh alternative to traditional notetaking? Flip books are an engaging way to organize information. I love to use them to organize grammar topics or to summarize information about a cultural topic.

What are flipbooks?

Flip books usually take ordinary pieces of paper and cut, fold, and staple them into a book format. I personally like the cut-free flip book style because they don’t waste paper!

Why use flip books?

There are so many benefits to using flip books, including having everything organized in one place. For example, my Preterite Tense flip book is popular because the preterite has a ton of irregular conjugations and putting them all together in one book makes a great study and reference tool! I think it’s great to fill it in as you cover each topic in class, or you can also use it to summarize at the end of the unit.

But my most favorite thing about flip books is that students hang on to them! A nifty flip book printed on colorful paper (my students always knew this meant it was important!) is a magical combination to hanging onto it AND referencing it! I get this feedback all the time and I love hearing that they are making a difference! Don’t take my word for it, read these reviews:

This is seriously the best! I use this every year with my students and even have students from other classes asking me for one! It has so much information in one place for them and it is so simple to put together. Love this!!

We made the subjunctive flip book in Spanish 3 and the Spanish 4 teacher told me that the students used it often in her class (and made reviewing the subjunctive a breeze for her).

My students made the preterite flip book and I was very surprised that they brought them at the beginning of the next year! Even better, they refer to them frequently. Thanks!

This is probably one of the best resources I've purchased. It's the perfect organization of the information and students end up referencing this booklet over and over again as we move through our content.

Flip books aren't just for grammar!

Although, the grammar flip books are my most popular ones, I also use flip books for Spanish-speaking countries and capitals, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Navidad.

Try one for free!

If you want to try a flip book, I have a FREE Possessive Adjectives Flip Book you can test out. Once you realize how amazing flip books are, check out my Flip Book MEGA Bundle to get a big discount on more than 20 flip books for your Spanish class.

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