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Using Google Sheets Activities in Spanish Class

As a Spanish teacher, it’s always nice to find ways to save time grading while making learning fun and interactive for your students. Self-grading Google Sheets mystery puzzles in Spanish class can be helpful formative assessments for your students because they provide immediate feedback. Mystery puzzles are fun to solve and can help students practice their Spanish grammar and vocabulary in an engaging way.

4 Benefits of using Google Sheets Puzzles

1. These mystery picture puzzles are self-checking! They turn red if incorrect, and parts of a picture appear if correct.

2. Details count! Because only one correct answer is accepted, students have to pay attention to spelling, accent marks, etc.

3. Instant feedback! Students don’t have to wait to go over the answers in class or get their graded paper back. They immediately see if they are understanding.

4. Google Sheets puzzles are paperless! No need to make copies, sharpen colored pencils to complete, or grade by hand. This also makes them easy to assign to students in class and those who may be absent.

Using self-checking mystery puzzles in Spanish class can be a great way to make learning fun while still reinforcing Spanish language skills. With all of the setup and coding done for you, these Google Sheets activities are low on prep, but high on impact! Give them a try to see how they can help enhance your Spanish class!

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