self grading activities for Spanish class

I recently wrote about the benefits of using self-checking Google Sheets in Spanish class. Self-grading Google Sheets are a powerful tool for educators, allowing students to practice skills and receive immediate feedback. I put together all of the best parts of using Google Sheets to create a collection of puzzles covering various grammar topics. Additionally, I added a fun element where students can collect a passport stamp as they master each concept! Let me walk you through it!

self grading grammar activities for spanish class

Students start off with a blank puzzle. In this example, we are practicing deciding to use ser or estar and conjugating the verb correctly for the subject. Students read the sentence and type their answers into the yellow boxes.

As students type the correct answers, the box turns green and part of the photo appears. When they type incorrect answers, the box turns red. 

completed mystery picture showing all correct answers and a completed photo

Once all of the answers are correct, the mystery picture will be complete. For this puzzle, the mystery country is Colombia and the location is Guatapé. Each puzzle takes students to a different location in the Spanish-speaking world.

grammar passport with stamps

After finishing each puzzle, students earn a digital passport stamp that has the country name and the activity. They add the stamp to their personal Google Slides passport. They can hyperlink each stamp to the corresponding puzzle and go back to them to practice and use it to turn in all of their completed puzzles. This makes great formative practice throughout the year, or as a cumulative review before exams!

I have a bundle of 16 different topics for level 1. Spanish teachers have loved using these ready-to-go resources! Read what they are saying about the bundle:

Lisa B.
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This is an awesome activity!! Well worth the money! Students were able to see if they got the right conjugation or not and they were able to make corrections. As a teacher it was easy to check to see if they had done it correctly because the image was complete! I am AMAZED at this activity. I would love to know how it is done!
Melissa D.
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I love mystery pictures! They are self-graded and so easy to check! Also I loved that students were able to "collect" stamps for their virtual passports. This added an extra level of fun to the mystery pictures.
Ms. Bailey
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These are such a fun way to do grammar understanding checks with my students in middle school Spanish! They have a fun time getting their passports loaded up with stamps. Great review activity before quizzes.
Nataly W.
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Great! I love using mystery pictures as an activity for early finishers. They are a great review for my students. It takes me about 5 minutes or less to pop them into Canvas, and they pretty much grade themselves.

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