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Encanto is a new film about a magical family living in the mountains of Colombia. It includes many themes related to Spanish class and will be a great movie to share with your students! This bundle has you covered with 10 different activities for before and after viewing the film!

Spanish class-related topics from the film: Colombia, Colombian culture & food, magical realism, vallenato music, family vocabulary, adjectives, and lots of Spanish vocabulary sprinkled in!⭐

✨Activities include options in English and Spanish, black & white (pdf printables) and color (Google Slides)!✨

Pre-Viewing Activities:

Get students excited about the movie and set the focus for important vocabulary and themes

✅ Research Gabriel García Márquez, famous Colombian author who is known for the magical realism style which is a theme for the film
 Research Lin Manuel Miranda, the Puerto Rican American star who wrote the songs for the film
✅ Research Colombia, its music, and Carlos Vives, the famous Colombian vallenato singer who sings the theme song “Colombia, Mi Encanto”
✅ Watch the official previews (on YouTube) in English and Spanish and complete fill in the blank activity with key vocabulary from the film

Research Colombian symbols such as arepas, sombreros vueltiaos, wax palms, etc. so that students can spot them during the film.

18 photos of Colombian symbols to show students instead of having them look them up.

Post-Viewing Activities:

❕Check for understanding, learn new vocabulary, and practice Spanish skills❕

✅ Complete the Madrigal family tree with each person’s name, their magical gift, and words to describe them. I’ve included a traditional family tree and one using wax palms which are common in Colombia and are featured in the film.
✅ Reading comprehension passage and activity This could be completed without or before the film, but it does include spoilers that are not included in the previews.
✅ Writing template and discussion questions Wrap up this lesson with a butterfly-themed Encanto writing template and suggested discussion questions

✅ Who Said It? Activity with quotes from the film. Students have to tell who said each quote.

✅ My Magical Gift and Room Activity Students write about what gift they would choose and illustrate their magical room and door

⚠️**Please download the preview for a closer look at the activities**⚠️

Encanto release date: November 24, 2021
Disney+ release date: December 24, 2021
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1 hour, 49 minutes

❤️ If you are unable to show the movie in class, you can still complete 7 of the 10 activities. Students can choose to watch the movie on their own, it can be extra credit, etc. If all else fails, you can also read the Encanto Junior Novelization book with your classes to get all the information needed to complete the activities.


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Encanto Movie Guide and Activities